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Parallel Operations With pl/pgSQL

Hi, I am pretty sure that, there will be a right heading for this post. For now, i am going with this. If you could suggest me proper heading, i will update it :-) OK. let me explain the situation. Then will let you know what i am trying to do here, and how i did it. Situation here is, We have a table, which we need to run update on “R” no.of records. The update query is using some joins to get the desired result, and do update the table.  To process these “R” no.of records, it is taking “H” no.of hours. That too, it’s giving load on the production server. So, we planned to run this UPDATE as batch process.  Per a batch process, we took “N” no.or records. To process this batch UPDATE, it is taking “S” no.of seconds. With the above batch process, production server is pretty stable, and doing great. So, we planned to run these Batch updates parallel.  I mean, “K” sessions, running different record UPDATEs. Of-course, we can also increase the Batch size here.  But we want to use much…