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Interactive PostgreSQL Script

Do you want an input from end user, while running PostgreSQL script.

No Problem, here is the one of the solution for you.

In the following example, i am taking the confirmation from an end user, before dropping an existing database called "sample".

-- When any exception raised from this script, the complete script execution is going to fail. -- We will be raising a custom exception, when the Drop DB != 'y|Y'; -- \set ON_ERROR_STOP on -- Take input from the user. -- \prompt 'Are you sure to drop ' Do_You_Want_To_Drop_Db -- Get the user input. -- \set Do_Drop_Db '\'' :Do_You_Want_To_Drop_Db '\'' -- Creating a temp table to store the value of the user confirmation. -- This will be dropped when the session got closed. -- CREATE TEMP TABLE Drop_Db AS SELECT :Do_Drop_Db::text AS confirm; DO $$ BEGIN IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM Drop_Db WHERE confirm NOT IN('y', 'Y')) THEN RAISE EXCEPTION 'Database won''t drop. Hen…