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Simple Monitoring Console

Hi All,

Find the below simple user console program what i have written in "C" @Linux. It might be helpful to you in monitoring.

Here is the snippet of code, for your reference.
#include"stdio.h" #include"stdlib.h" #include"ncurses.h" #include"string.h" #include "sys/types.h" #include "unistd.h" #include "sys/wait.h" void init() { int i,j; for(i=1;i<=25;i++) { printw("\n%3d-|",50-i*2); } printw("\n%3s"," "); for(j=1;j<=32;j++) { printw("%3s","-"); } printw(" "); printw("\n\n\n"); printw("%5s"," "); for(j=1;j<=94;j++) { printw("="); } printw("\n"); printw("%60s","TOP 10 CPU PROCESSES"); printw("\n"); printw("%5s"," "); for(j=1;j<=94;j++) printw("-"); mvprintw(1,110,""); for(j=1;j<=40;j++) printw("="); p…

File Retention Scripts For Windows

Hi All,

Here's the script you can run in windows for file retention. For this, we need "7z" module to be installed in windows.
set S1_WAL_FILES="E:\Wal_Archive_Sms1"
set S2_WAL_FILES="E:\S1_Share\Wal_Archive_Sms2"

REM SMS1 Wal files Backup
forfiles /p %S1% /m * -d -4 -c "cmd /c 7z a -t7z E:\Wal_Backup\Wal_Archive_S1_BKP_%date:~-10,2%_%date:~-7,2%_%date:~-4,4%.7z \"@fname\"" >null

REM SMS2 Wal files Backup
forfiles /p %S2_WAL_FILES% /m * -d -4 -c "cmd /c 7z a -t7z E:\Wal_Backup\Wal_Archive_S2_BKP_%date:~-10,2%_%date:~-7,2%_%date:~-4,4%.7z \"@fname\"" >null

REM SMS1 WAL Retention
forfiles /p %S2_WAL_FILES% /m * -d -4 -c "cmd /c del \"@fname"\"

REM SMS2 WAL Retention
forfiles /p %S2_WAL_FILES% /m * -d -4 -c "cmd /c del \"@fname"\"